September 27, 2019
5 days left
until our reunion.

Book your cabin space now! 
Our Riverboat 2019 ship will sail the weekend of September 27
th & 28th
  for our 45th High School Reunion. 

The first leg of our Riverboat journey will begin in drydock at the Hilliard Lakes Golf Course on Friday morning for those that wish to take this side trip.  After that, the 1st Port of Call will be at Rocky River High School at 4:00 pm Friday afternoon for a tour of our Alma Mater and the improvements and enhancements made over the last six years. If you missed this tour last time, now is your chance!

From there, our anchor will pull up and we will sail to our 2nd Port of Call, the Market, located on Linda Street in Rocky River for a festive & fun gathering of our classmates. 

Our Riverboat will remain docked overnight so that Saturday can be open for all to explore the sights of our gateway city of Rocky River, the surrounding areas and of course, downtown Cleveland which has undergone a dramatic facelift through the years.

On Saturday night, our anchor will pull up again and our ship will sail to our 3rd and final port of call, the Captain’s Table dinner at the Clifton Club.   And if you can't make it for dinner, you are welcome to join us later for the Afterparty.

The deadline to register for  all events is September 20th.

Our Cruise committee has been working hard on our Reunion to make it a memorable event.  So whether you are travelling by air, by land, or by sea, get busy and make your arrangements now; Riverboat 2019 is right around the corner.  Anchors away, we're setting sail September 27th..........

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